As a facility owner you know the importance of having access to your business. This aspect of facility management can be easily overlooked. A facility manager’s time is spent on making sure the facility is safe and functioning at optimal productivity. That doesn’t mean that the parking lot to your establishment should be overlooked. One observation noted here at Certified Services is that Parking Lot Striping can be put on the “back burner”. Parking Lot Striping is the process of outlining the parking spaces in your parking lot to maximize usage of that space.


You want to make sure that your vendors and customers have a great experience from the moment they drive on your property. If you have shipments coming in and out of your facility it is very important to have clear markers so that the truckers know where to enter and exit. Parking lot markings should be based on your business model so that customers know where they can park and easily access your building.

A poorly marked parking lot could turn into an unsafe situation and potentially a legal liability issue for the facility owner, especially if people are confused as where to park, and/or where to move throughout the parking lot, which may result in someone being injured. Even if the owner is not sued, the bad publicity from the fast-moving internet could have even worse consequences.

Striping also must comply with local, state, and federal laws. Furthermore, the Americans with Disability Act has very specific requirements about having handicapped spaces and correct markings in the parking lot that are federal law compliant.

What should you do?

So what should you do? You could spend all of your time researching the requirements needed for having a compliant parking lot even though you will probably find this very time-consuming as well as confusing for what is seen sometimes as a “nonessential” part of the business. Your time is better served working with a reputable company like Certified Services. Certified Services has been in business many years providing high-quality facility maintenance and cleaning for businesses throughout the state of Florida. At Certified Services we have the state-of-the-art technology to make your parking lots “pop” with great striping for maximum traffic pattern use. We also provide expert consulting so that you can have confidence that the job will be done in compliance with all applicable laws.  Please call us today to find out more! We look forward to hearing from you!