Professional Pressure Cleaning,is a vital component of facility maintenance. You have invested thousands of dollars on paint and maybe even have custom sidewalks/pavers. Over time, the elements take their toll on the exterior of your facility. Certified Services will examine the basics of Pressure Cleaning and two key benefits of hiring a professional company to do the job for you!

So what exactly is Pressure Cleaning?

Wikipedia defines Pressure Cleaning as

“Hydrocleaning, high-pressure cleaning or water blasting, are terms which describe the use of water propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces and materials. By focusing and pressurizing the water stream, the force generated can remove films and materials such as:

• Paint from walls, metal, and sidewalks
• Sealants and membranes from concrete
• Gum from side walks

Your facility is constantly being exposed to the elements. Rain, wind, the sun’s ultra violet light, and human-caused activities such as pollution, debris, and smoke, all impact your home’s exterior. Pressure Cleaning can help minimize these effects and IMPROVE the appearance of your home just after one cleaning! Here are the two key benefits for Pressure Cleaning your facility.


Curb appeal is a term used by realtors to describe the outside condition of a home upon viewing it from the street. This same principle applies for facilities.. Pressure Cleaning aids in preserving the exterior paint of the facility by minimizing, and, in some cases, removing the effects caused by any and all elements that attack your facility on a daily basis. This leads to a clean facility that will be appealing to your customers and stakeholders.

Health and Safety

The second key benefit for Pressure Cleaning your facility is for health and safety reasons. Removing mold and/or mildew that has accumulated will help to improve the Air Quality. In addition, Pressure Cleaning walkways assists in preventing slippery surfaces that may result in unnecessary slip and falls.

As you can discern, there are many positive reasons for having your facility professionally cleaned. Certified Services (along with Certified Carpet Care) has been providing professional residential Pressure Cleaning throughout the Tampa area for more than 33 Years. Contact us today to schedule your pressure-cleaning facility assessment.