Why do you need facility maintenance?

As a facility manager/owner you know that ongoing maintenance is a vital component to the overall facility manager’s responsibility.  If you are the owner you want to protect your property and prevent any further degradation. You can manage the facility by yourself, or you can hire a facility manager. In either case, facility maintenance is a key aspect of the overall facility management plan.

So what is facility maintenance?

Definition of “Facilities Maintenance

Maintenance activities include keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper operating condition in a routine, scheduled, or anticipated fashion to prevent failure and/or degradation. This includes one-to-one replacement of components and systems not requiring professional engineering or permitting.  Maintenance activities do not involve a change in space classification or space use.

As you can see by the definition from Central Washington University, facility maintenance involves many different facets. Making sure your ongoing activities ensure the best possible outcomes in terms of maintaining a good working facility. Therefore having a reliable partner can help you maintain your facility.

You have probably experience poor or shoddy work. Vendors that did not meet the qualifications or standards you require.  Unreliable partners and lack of consistency add up as problems that interfere with daily activities.   This leaves you with “egg on your face “as you try to explain to the owner why the facility is not getting maintained properly.

Two key parts of successful facility management are consistency and reliability.


Certified.Services is passionate about our consistency in delivering our high-quality facility maintenance services to many well-known companies throughout the state of Florida.

We coordinate with you about how to best achieve your ongoing objectives and goals by setting up a consistent on going action plan.   Management of the day to day operations, and proactively stay ahead of potential futures issues is paramount.

The reason  we’ve been able to help many companies is that we are reliable. Facility managers know that when they call Certified.Services the job is going to get done right the first time.

They also know that if something comes up, and it always does when you’re running a facility, they can call Certified.Services. Many owners know that their problem will be taken care of.  Therefore, if you have a facility that you would like us to assess, contact us anytime.  Call our phone number below or send us an email on our contact page.  You can also follow us on Facebook and on Instagram.

Thank you very much for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!