Facility Cleaning

Keeping a Commercial Facility clean is not an easy task. Facility Cleaning is now get a much closer examination by decision makers! There are many variables that affect the cleanliness of a facility. Therefore is critical to have a strategic alliance with an expert Commercial Cleaning company like Certified.Services.
By having such a relationship, you as the facility manager, will have the confidence knowing that your facility is being well taken care of. In this article we will explain the value of quality Facility Cleaning.

Lower Productivity

The cleanliness of Businesses is now being looked at more closely as an important part of business.  In a study entitled Cleanliness and Learning in Higher Education conducted by Jeffery Campbell, Ph.D. of Brigham Young University, shows a connection between an unclean work-space and lower productivity.  It is clear by this study that an unclean work environment does negatively affect productivity. Since labor cost is a large portion of business expense, it behooves the facility manager to keep the employees happy. Therefore, by providing an environment that is clean, the business owner will increase their ability to increase profit with improved productivity.  If the business owner leases his facility from you, he will be a happy, loyal, tenant.

Liability & Safety

Obviously the safety of all people who enter and leave your facility is paramount.  For example, you want to make sure that you eliminate all potential for a slip and fall accident. If you have people getting injured on your property, it sets up a whole host of potential issues. Certified.Services can help reduce these risks through our many years of experience we understand how to manage:

  • Liability Insurance Requirements
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Cleaning Product Safety

Making sure you have all of these federally regulated rules in compliance is a mandatory requirement if you want to stay in business. You leave it up to chance if you do not have an entity that understands these rules and can execute to solve them.

Increased Profit

There are numerous studies that explain the value of having a clean work environment on profitability. By controlling the environment to be safe and “feel” safe workers are happier, more productive and therefore profitability increases. In a Survey on Clear Link “71 percent of employees believe operational efficiency strongly impacts their productivity, 96 percent believe it boosts their happiness.” If the employees are happy then their interactions with others will be more valuable. The word of mouth coming from the employees and all associated people will be very positive. Think of Disney for example. The grounds are safe and well maintained. You can eat off the ground.

These 3 factors: Lower Productivity, Liability & Safety, Increased Profit, all contribute to overall structure of a commercial business.

Certified.Services has a 30 + year track record of providing this high level of Facility Cleaning. We provide – carpet cleaningupholstery cleaning,  facility cleaning and maintenancegrout and tile cleaningparking lot seal coatingparking lot stripingpressure cleaning, & 24 hour emergency water removal.

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